Cutest photo session yet

I haven't had a lick of infant photography training so when Ann asked me to help her with some photographs of her 5-week-old daughter Sage, I new this was going to be interesting.  All I had in my prop bag was a white faux fur throw, an antique wooden bowl and a bunch of scarves.  Plus a hot pink Gerbera daisy.  Our venue: a living room sofa with a chaise extension.  Fortunately, everyone's expectations were down to earth and we just hoped for the best.  Ann was an excellent baby wrangler, changing outfits and keeping Sage happy when she needed a bottle or diaper change.  My daughter Kristiann was a huge help with the reflector.  And Sage's older sister Kayden kept herself busy with scarves from the prop pile.  Her good behavior earned her several M&Ms from Mom. Not sure I can even hold a candle to baby photographers, but it was fun to try!