Before and After bedroom photographs

Bedrooms can be a challenge to photograph.  Light isn't always plentiful and light sources are usually mixed--daylight from windows, incandescent bulbs in lamps and more frequently CFLs.  I prefer to make a room appear as natural as it can, without adding flash to fill in unless there's no way around it.  This Pigeon Forge, TN rental cabin I photographed from the left and right sides of the room since it is long and narrow.  I cleared decorative items off the dresser, centered the bedside table and lamp  in front of the window and pulled the recliner closer toward the bed and angled it slightly.  The homeowners had already done the heavy lifting by painting and redecorating so I can't take all the credit for the "after" shots.  Once they have their new photos uploaded, this link will take you to their Smoky Mountain Memories cabin on  It's an adorable cabin with plenty of woods and privacy if you're in need of a vacation.  Besides, Tom and Lois are some of the nicest owners I know!