A thief at the photo shoot

Sometimes I like to use props and food like cookies, popcorn or lemonade and coffee in my outdoor living shots.  A couple of weeks ago I was at Val and Renee Morel's Mt LeConte Vista cabin in Gatlinburg TN and right after the sunrise shot at 6 in the morning, I set up the deck chairs and tables with some coffee mugs and a plate of 5 very stale cookies.  

After taking a few test shots I decided I'd just come back in an hour or two and wait until the direct morning shadows weren't so severe.  So I went inside and starting working on the lower bedrooms which were getting perfect morning light.  All of sudden I saw a big shadow of a bird go past the window.  It startled me but I just kept going with my work.  

Flash forward to time to get out and re-shoot the deck.  I go outside and the light is much better.  But the cookies--all 4 of them--are gone.  Just fine crumbs left on the plate.  The bird stole my props!  But he was a clean operator, I'll give him that. Next time I'll bring the food in.  I don't want to meet a bear munching on my props.